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GoodPoint Stocklots Distribution Center is owned by Li Hung Int’ Co. Ltd. which are specializing in garment manufacturing since 1985. Goodpoint Stocklots Distribution Center was established in year 2009. The main business is start selling our stocklots clothing.  


The growth of three years has given us an opportunity to serve customer around the world in regions such as North America, Middle East, South America, South Africa, Asia and Africa etceteras, and the stock business is growing very fast in the last three years.  


We have built up a sourcing system which enables us to source different kinds of excess inventory within China. We have been employing more than 20 staffs from Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western China, starting to collecting information, inspecting goods, strategic planning to allocate products and well-planned logistic.


Therefore, we will carefully selected and have passed various quality control inspections when we are selecting stocklot items. We sell brand new authentic surplus, customer cancellation and factory overrun clothing.


In this website, you will find products offering at any given time and a rapidly updating product list, so be sure to check back very often. If you see an offering you are interested in, we would advise you to contact us as soon as possible since quantities are always limited.


We are committed to excellence and appreciate any feedback from our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.